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Stylist’s Pick – Favorite Summer Product

Desiree Taylor & Kimberly Westbrook


Desiree: What’s your favorite product this summer?

Kimberly: Daily Light Guard! This is an SPF 30 lotion that protects against UVA/UVB rays.

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Trend: Strobing

Strobing is a recent trend that stems from a technique used to apply makeup in a way that highlights where the light would naturally reflect on the skin. When applied to hair, it means placing brighter colors where you want to mimic natural light. This sounds fantastic, but this is where it goes awry. The internet…

Protecting our river for Earth Month

For years, Jacksonville has been known as "The River City.” Our treasured St. John's River has a lot of historical significance for Jacksonville.The Timucuan tribe lived along the banks of the St. Johns River for centuries. The French Huguenots settled Fort Caroline in 1564. And years later, British Colonials called the area Cowford, as it was a popular spot for…

Aromatherapy in Aveda’s Composition Oils

By Christiana Metrakos

Webster’s Dictionary defines aromatherapy as “the use of aroma to enhance a feeling of well-being.” The term aromatherapy was coined in 1928 by Rene-Maurice…

Check out our new site!

Just like a hairstyle needs to be revamped every once in a while to stay with the trends, so does a website. Aura Salon Spa is pleased to announce our new website - with more features for easier booking and browsing!